Cities with availability

Why we want to get there

Poing aims to expand its business model of scooters in the countries already mentioned in the table for several reasons, both ecological and economic that will give comfort to the user.

With this business model we want to reduce the carbon footprint, environmental pollution and the use of fossil fuels that damage the ozone layer through scooters, reduce traffic and noise pollution.

¿ How we contribute to the environment ?

The carbon footprint is a simple way to measure the impact that a person generates -directly or indirectly- on the planet in their day-to-day life. It is a count of the amount of GHG emissions (greenhouse gases) calculated in units of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere according to their daily activities.

 Poing contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint by means of the scooters since these are electric, avoiding in such a way the use of fuels and collaborating with the mobility of the different cities in which they are located, it is a totally electronic process that does not generate any type of pollution and that offers a well-being for the city in a matter of saving time, raw materials such as fuel and reducing traffic.