Protection and security

Use Helmet

Poing offers free helmets to all active Users. It only covers the shipment. You can request your helmet in the Security section of the application.

Where to Drive

• Attention to pedestrians. Not walking on the sidewalks unless local law requires or allows it, endangers members of our community who want to walk freely. We’re all in this together, so let’s be good neighbors and take care of each other.

• Drive on bike lanes or near the right sidewalk.

Where to park

  • Separate the birds from the public right of way: keep the corridors, entrances, access ramps and fire hydrants clear.
  • Birds parked near the curb, facing the street near designated areas for bicycles or motorcycles, trees or traffic signs.
  • Make sure your support foot is secure in the down position so that the Bird remains upright.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel, rocks or slopes.

Rules of the street

  • Only one User per vehicle.
  • Follow all traffic rules, including traffic signs and stop signs
  • Be careful at crosswalks

With precaution

Esté al tanto del tráfico circundante, especialmente en las intersecciones.

  • Always keep in mind the surrounding traffic, especially at intersections: cars are your biggest risk.
  • Start slowly while you get used to the accelerator and the brakes.
  • There are no walks with only one hand. Leave the phone.
  • Without hearing aids, listen to what surrounds you.
  • Do not ride if you’ve been drinking alcohol.